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Pickup and dropoff is only available at our south Scottsdale location

Purchase & Return Policy

  • Upon completion of your form, you will be contacted by Fate to verify your order and schedule a pick up time
  • All Keg Request Forms must be filled out at least 24 hours prior to preferred pickup date and paid in full at pickup.
Pick-up Schedule
  • Any day prior to 5pm

Deposits & Fees

  • Keg Deposit: $100, due back within 10 days of pick up or loss of deposit.
  • Keg prices: Prices range from $85-$125 + tax for a 5 gallon keg and $130-$190 for a 50 liter keg. Prices vary depending on your preferred beer.
  • Tap Deposit: $50 (Due back One Week after pick up date or loss of deposit)
  • Keg Bucket: $10 rental fee (Paid Per Bucket, is not a deposit but must be returned) No Exceptions on Deposits or fees.

Return Schedule

  • Any day prior to 5pm

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